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Dr. Samir Abolmagd

Professor of Psychiatry

181 Tahrir St. Strand Building Bab El-Look Down Town Cairo Egypt

Phone: (202) 358-1433

Mobile: 202 - 0122145006



Scientific Qualifications:

- M.B.B.CH, Cairo University 1984.

- M. Sc. in Psychological Medicine, Cairo University 1988.

- M.D. in Psychological Medicine, Cairo University 1995.



- Master Degree Thesis “Changing Pattern in Drug Addiction between the Years 1972 and 1987 in Egypt" (1988).

- Medical Doctorate Thesis “Expressed Emotions in Schizophrenic Families” (1993).


-  Psychiatric and Social Profile of Recovering Substance Dependent Females (2009).

-  Patients and Relatives Satisfaction with Nursing Care Provided at Kasr El eini Hospital “ Burn Unit” an Exploratory Study (2010) .

- Psychiatric Morbidity Among Medical Students and Their Attitude Towards Substance Abuse (2011).

- An Analytical Study for the Recreational Services Provided in Child Cancer Hospital (2012).

- Study the designing & Technological Basis of Internal Design of the Children`s Cancer Hospital in Egypt . ( 2012)

Current Job Title:

Professor Department of Psychiatry, Cairo University.


- Egyptian Psychiatric Association (EPA).

- American Psychiatric Association (APA).

- International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM).

- Executive Board Member, Director of Member Recruitment of Exercise Psychiatry and Sport Section of WPA.

Supervision of Master Degree Thesis in Neuropsychiatry:

-       Psychiatric Manifestations of Infective "C" Hepatitis (1998).

-            Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in Schizophrenia. A Neuro-Psychological Study (2001).

-            Hepatitis "B" and "C" and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections in Egyptian Chronic Drug Abusers (2001).

-            Role of the Spouse in Addiction Phenomena (2003).

-            A Study of Psycho-Social Factors in Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Children (2003).

-            Relation between Anxiety and Performance in Competitive Sports (2003).

-            Tianeptine in Men with Depression and Erectile Dysfunction (2004).

-            Positive and Negative Symptoms in a Sample of Male Addicts (2005).

-   A Study of Positive and Negative Symptoms in a Sample of Egyptian Psychotic Adolescents (2006).

-    Effect of Exercise Training on Defense in Obese Persons (Master Degree in Physical Therapy 2008)

-    Sexual Abuse Among  a Sample of Female Drug Addicts (2008).

Clinical Experience:

- Drug Addiction.

- Adult Psychiatry.

- Child Psychiatry.

- Geriatric Psychiatry.

- Community and Social Psychiatry.

- Individual Psychotherapy.

- Group Psychotherapy.


Work Experience:

- Cairo University Hospital (Kasr El Eini).

Inpatient ward, outpatient clinic, 1986-Present.

- Maadi Nile Sanatorium (200 beds private hospital) 1990-Present.

- Abbassia Hospital (5000 beds government-owned specialized psychiatric hospital) for 12 months, 1988.

- St. Mary’s Hospital (50 beds London University U.K.) for two months, 1989.