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Dr. Khaled El-Hoshy

Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

Karma 1 Office buildings (2nd floor above Piraeus Bank) Shekh Zayed Egypt

Phone: + 202 38 523 523     -  +202 38 523 522

Mobile: +2 0100 4000 777



Dr El-Hoshy is Professor of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, and director of skin surgery unit at Cairo University School of Medicine.  He is also Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Wayne State University in Michigan, USA. He did his Mohs Surgery fellowship at Duke University.  Dr El-Hoshy specializes, & is an instructor for skin rejuvenation & minimally-invasive procedures with emphasis on fillers, neurotoxins, peels, lasers & dermabrasion.

At Oasis Clinics, Dr. El-Hoshy runs a very busy clinic, dealing with diagnosis & treatment of various skin diseases.  He utilizes the latest technology in Laser equipment as well as Botox injection & fillers to achieve outstanding aesthetic/cosmetic results.