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Characteristics of a child being bullied and the child bullying others

Date Uploaded: 11/11/2012
Every child is at risk of being bullied no matter what their personality is like. Bullies tend to harass children who are insecure in some way. Dr. Marwa saeed, discusses the characteristics and causes of the child being a bully. She also discusses the characteristics of the child being bullied. A bulling child may hit or push other children and often physically strong. A bullying child usually shows little concern for the feelings of others. However, most bullying children may witness physical and verbal violence or aggression at home. They have a positive view of this behavior, and they act aggressively toward other people, including adults. Children who are bullied tend to be sensitive, insecure and socially withdrawn. Dr. Marwa advises the parents to take their child’s complain in consideration and showing them that you will stand up for them. She also advises, to avoid further psychological problems, do not to ask or force your child to do things under their ability, like bulling back the bullies.