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Controlling and developing your Child’s behavior

Date Uploaded: 02/12/2012
All parents struggle with some of the things their children do. We all love our children, but sometimes there times when you or your spouse felt so frustrated by your child’s behavior. Mrs. Marwa El Hariry explains helpful strategies on understanding and developing your child’s behavior. Mrs. Marwa explained that there are 4 steps to be considered to help in changing the child’s behavior, starting by step one, which is observing you child’s behavior. Observing child’s behavior will help you reach step two which is analysis of such behavior. Step three is breaking down the analysis by trying to know the cause, reason and grade of such behavior. Last but not least, step four, which is the action taken by the parent on such behavior to treat such a problem. Mrs. Marwa explains that there are also four ways of actions taken, either by encouraging the child, training the child, helping the child to relax, ignoring the problem, or punishing the child. The action taken depends on the grade of the behavior and character of the child. Turn behavior problems into teachable moments by putting aside your frustration, understanding your child's behavior and the goals of discipline. And since the children are like a sponge, they model everything a parent does. Your Behavior as a parent influences your children's behavior.