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Healthy diet for diabetics

Date Uploaded: 12/10/2013
Dr. Ibrahim El- Ibrashi Professor of Internal Medicine and diabetes, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, speaks about healthy diet for diabetics type II,In the past, the diabetic diets are specific and fixed, But now it has become possible for a diabetic to choose his favorite meals,In the context of a healthy diet. Healthy diet meals should be divided throughout the day for meals equal, And must be a lot of fruits and vegetables, While minimizing soft drinks and beverages with high calories, And a lot of drinking water,And eating red meat with the skin removed, And to be a few percentage of fat. It is important the presence of carbohydrates, calories are from 50:60% per meal, And better use of whole grains of cooked cereal, This helps to lower absorption and reduces calories, And help the movement of the digestive tract, And have little fat saturated or unsaturated. Such as skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese and creamy without