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Pancreatic cells and stem cells to treat diabetes

Date Uploaded: 12/10/2013
A . D / Fouad Kandil Professor and Head of Research sugar ( Center for Hope Los Angeles ) talking about the transfer of research cells of the pancreas and the use of stem cells in the treatment of diabetes. Progress has been made very much in the treatment of diabetes in the past 50 years in terms of the use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes, and the development of new drugs is integrated with the use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes, and it gives the doctors at the moment the freedom to choose the appropriate treatment for diabetics depending on the status of each sick and it gives better results , and reduces the incidence of complications of diabetes , such as the impact of diabetes on the eye, kidney , or nerves . Secretion of insulin , which Waitangi from the pancreas in a very precise way , and current medications can not compensate for that, with the current medications you reduce the complications of diabetes . Diabetes has two Type I and Type II , diabetes type I happen to young people , as a result of the child 's immune system fight the insulin - secreting cells in the pancreas and kill her , the treatment of diabetes type I insulin is for a lifetime. After 5 to 10 years of diabetes, part of the diabetic patients lose the ability to sense a drop in blood sugar level , as a result of the use of medicines. The best treatment for diabetes type I is replaced by cells secretion of insulin in the body cells, a new , these cells are taken from volunteers pancreas at the end of life, in the United States , Europe, and many countries of the world have volunteered organs at death , these organs are used in compensation patients and functions of the heart , kidney, or pancreas. The transfer of the pancreas a major operation , it takes 10 hours and have Amadaaqat , scientists in the world are trying to be replaced by transfer pancreas transfer cells secrete insulin only, the doctors secrete cell secretion of insulin from the pancreas volunteer , is then injected into the liver , it takes injections about half an hour and the patient is doped , and the patient replace these cells it needs to insulin , The use of cells in the pancreas leading to a significant improvement in Diabetes levels in the blood. The problem is not no volunteers the pancreas when death sufficient numbers , so is not sufficient to treat diabetics of the first type, when the success of this treatment with type I diabetes can be used in the treatment of Type II diabetes. At the moment trying to manufacture these cells doctors lab , using the first stem cells to form the embryo , or taking cells from an adult and Thobl these cells into stem cells , and ultimately into the cells of insulin secretion . This research is still at a preliminary stage , the United States can not be used directly on humans , but it is testing on animals , and the first human experience will be in within the next two years . Pancreatic cells move very successful with it and give the same results of the transfer of the pancreas , unless they are cut diabetic immunity , because they are the cells of another human being , and it is possible the body rejects these cells, the patient is treated with drugs to prevent rejection of the body. The impact of the transfer cells of the pancreas on the immune system limits the use of children and women that want to pregnancy or young , so there is research underway to change the body's immune system , so accept these cells without rejection , and often this research will compensate for our need to move cells.