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Advantages and disadvantages of Gastric Balloon

Date Uploaded: 28/10/2013
Dr. Hani Shehab a consultant gastroenterologist and liver is talking about the Advantages and disadvantages of Gastric Balloon for slimming through the telescope,Obesity is a disease and not just a cosmetic problem and affect a lot , and must be no cure for excessive obesity , and obesity affect the functions of the body , such as pressure , diabetes and atherosclerosis. Usually prefer the work of diet and reduce eating , fats and sugars , in some cases of obesity diet inadequate for them because of a fluctuation in weight, in spite of all his attempts Yet sports also do not get the result and can not reduce weight . In this case intervention for weight loss, weight loss interventions are many, vary in the degree of efficiency in the sense the amount of weight lost from this procedure, and the extent of the seriousness of this procedure. Put the balloon through the telescope of the Diet , is one of the least actions that cause complications or problems, the procedure is through the telescope mouth, of the advantages that there is no wound in the abdomen and she had no surgery, procedure done in about a quarter of an hour, not the patient feels pain , during the procedure takes a patient a sedative during the quarter of an hour , through the telescope mouth is put a balloon inside the stomach is filled with fluid around 600 cm, and are left balloon stomach for a period of 6 months, and 6 months after being removed the balloon and also take action quarter of an hour to remove it. After placing gastric balloon usually the patient feels full, or that he can not eat the amount of food that was eaten in the past , because the stomach is full , a part of the balloon. Unexpected weight loss after gastric balloon vary from one person to another , first the readiness of the body to adapt to the gastric balloon , there are people who feel heavily in duration and this is the purpose and therefore are actually losing weight through it. There are other people after a month or two gastric balloon adapt to the stomach and thus the patient does not feel the weight and eating devoured the usual amounts , and this position is difficult to expect before a gastric balloon telescope . Second: the patient must control to eat it , because there is a belief that the gastric balloon will based Baltkhsais , with drinks and the usual Almoclat . Must with a gastric balloon Diet work with, gastric balloon basic advantage will help very much weight loss . Average weight loss of about 20 kilometers , there are people who have lost 40 kg with gastric balloon , and there are people who have lost weight less because they are not committed to the diet with the balloon.