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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: symptoms, diagnosis

Date Uploaded: 28/10/2013
Dr. Hani Shehab a consultant gastroenterologist and liver is talking about irritable bowel syndrome , affects a very large part of the Egyptians, and affect their lives negatively. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder of the colon and bowel movement , without an organic cause for this disorder , meaning the absence of ulcers , inflammation or microbes or tumors explains the problem of the movement in the intestines and colon. Irritable bowel problem affecting people of all ages, so that time did not know the root cause to the problem of IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is part hereditary, and also because of the tension , and the pressures of life and work pressures , irritable bowel syndrome are common and vary from one patient to another. Colon pain usually appears after eating, pain usually appears in the left part of the abdomen , but it can appear in any other part , because the colon is a large part of the abdominal area , this pain usually disappears after the Defecate, There is also swelling, bloating could be a sense of bloating or fullness after a meal or have already swelling, and there is a kind of restless in the bowel movement , usually constipation , but there are a lot of people suffer from diarrhea frequently. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a very benign disease , irritable bowel defects It is a chronic disease , but it is not possible to turn into a serious illness . There is no test or analysis of blood and stool given the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome , but are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome clinical , irritable bowel patient described by Dr. symptoms that feel them , and thus are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. There are some patients tests are working for them , in order to rule out other problems , because there are many people believe they have irritable bowel syndrome , but there is an internal problem more serious than that. There are a range of alarm symptoms, if they occur should consult your doctor, including the presence of bleeding with stool, can be caused by hemorrhoids, but it could be a sign of the presence of disease much more serious, such as polyps or tumors in the colon, from the alarm symptoms and having someonein the household has a tumor in the colon or stomach, weight loss or loss of appetite also alarm symptoms, IBS whatever does not affect appetite or weight, of the alarm symptoms also pains that appear in the night, in the case of the emergence of these alarm symptoms must go todoctor to rule out other problems.