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Hormonal IUD - the latest innovations contraception

Date Uploaded: 11/11/2013
Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology is talking about the most popular type of contraception which is intrauterine device (IUD), intrauterine device (IUD) Be installed within the cavity of the uterus, IUD pass many stages of evolution and now there are two types of IUDs. the first Type is non-hormonal IUD which is copper IUD, and the second type is the hormonal IUD, IUD is an easy and very guaranteed to Contraception, If installed correctly and did not move from his place Traditional copper IUD is a plastic body-shaped T, And has a copper wire and copper pieces in order to increase its ability to prevent pregnancy, copper IUD is installed in a doctor's office without anesthesia and without pain and it's valid for 5 years. Installation method of copper IUD is very easy inserted through the vagina then into the uterine cavity. the downsides of copper IUD is bleeding, Bleeding comes in form of a regular period, But the number of days and the amount of blood more than normal. hormonal IUD, such as copper IUD T-shaped, but no copper, But there is a small capsule produces a very small amount of Progesterone every day, The amount of the hormone does not revolve circulatory but affect the lining of the uterus topically, Among the benefits of progesterone that makes the lining of the uterus is very thin and in this way the amount of period blood will be very few or no shows. IUD is a safe and very guaranteed to Contraception, But it need follow-up with the doctor every six months or at least every year by ultrasound to make sure there is an IUD in place, Because if IUD moved will happen pregnancy, This pregnancy could be ectopic pregnancy, or cause bleeding or frequent infections or severe cramps during the period.